Overview of What You Will Learn

Did you know that weak processes in your P2P chain could be silently siphoning off your company’s hard-earned profits, making it less competitive as well as less profitable?

There is no line item on financial statements that says “losses due to sub-optimal and outdated P2P processes” but if there were, it might be higher than you think. The avalanche of change combined with advances in technology over the last few years has opened up the floodgates.

Even best-practice organizations often don’t recognize these minefields.

SpendMend is please to invite you to special session hosted by industry expert Mary Schaeffer, founder of AP Now and best-selling author of over 20 business books, (full bio below) to help you to identify these potholes in your own processes and fix them. Most of Mary’s solutions won’t cost you a red cent.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the process issues that are costing your organization dearly
  • Create procedural changes that will make your P2P process more efficient and cost effective
  • Take full advantage of the technology available (and that you have already paid for)
  • Ensure you earn all your early pay discounts
  • Improve your financial reporting and make better business decisions
  • Stop the avalanche of duplicate copies of invoices

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About the Speaker

Mary Schaeffer

Mary Schaeffer has the inimitable ability to find accounts-payable-related solutions that really work—without making a major dent in the bottom line. Armed with a degree in math and a graduate degree in finance, she takes a “roll up your sleeves and dig into the details” approach to finding solutions to those problems that cause migraines for CFOs, controllers, and managers.

Before starting AP Now, a B2B media firm focused on sharing the latest business intelligence on the accounts payable and payment functions, she worked in the  corporate trenches of several large finance and treasury departments.  She was a Corporate Cash Manager at Continental Grain, a Financial Risk Manager at O&Y, and an Assistant Treasurer at Equitable Life (now part of AXA). She also held the position of Executive Editor for several business publications.

She is a frequent speaker at both live and online events and host of the AP Now podcast and YouTube channel. The Accounts Payable Association, a global organization headquartered in the UK named her a Top 100 AP Influencer and gave her the 2021 Wellbeing for Others Award. Ms. Schaeffer has a BS in Mathematics from York College (CUNY) and a MBA in Finance from New York University.