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Dark Data is Everywhere


Every organization no matter how big or small or how much technology they do or do not utilize has dark data. But no need to be concern SpendMend will illuminate your Dark Data and help you have full visiblity into your cost cycle.

Illuminate Dark Data Today.

What People Say About Us

Not only did failures in a previous audit firm’s process result in lower recovery, but also some of the “claimed” recovery dollars had to be paid back to vendors due to rejections. SpendMend has worked with vendors to ensure accurate, valid, approved claims; with better results.

-Manager, Accounts Payable

SpendMend’s innovative process appears to leave no stone unturned and has identified and recovered significant dollars.

-Controller, Regional Health System

TurnKey is very knowledgeable of the 340B Program. They identified potential risk areas for our organization and provided us with the necessary corrective action. Thanks to TurnKey, we identified and addressed those risk areas and are now better prepared for a HRSA Audit.

– 340B Pharmacy Coordinator, Ohio Valley Medical Center

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