Bring Your Dark Data Into The Light

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Your Dark Data

What is Dark Data?

Information embedded in the procure to pay process that is not easily visible and sometimes not accessible.

Where is your Dark Data hiding?

Dark Data hides in many places throughout the Procure to Pay lifecycle. Dark Data buried within your procurement system, contracts, item files, return modules, supplier records and within your own accounts payable system.

Dark Data also exists within your supplier’s data. SpendMend knows healthcare. We not only expose your Dark Data but that of the supplier and when combined with our in-depth industry knowledge we can bring to light all aspects of Dark Data

Take Advantage of Analytics

In-depth, 24/7 portal for your team to gain insight from and take actions based on sound metrics. Use our clear analytics to take a deeper look into your data, control gaps, and overall financial leakage.

Features Included:


Full Procure to Pay Life Cycle Analysis as well as bringing to light vendor data

Identify and Address

Where financial leakage is hiding and understand the full impact of financial leakage

Clear Picture

View in depth analytics in our Portal  to show you what is happening in your organization


Give you information for performance management

Manage and Improve

Path for managing and improving financial system


Enhance organizational practices

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