Welcome HCP Attendees! Illuminate your health system by managing risk and your cost cycle

Welcome HCP Attendees! Illuminate your health system by managing risk and your cost cycle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start a Recovery Audit Engagement?

A Recovery Audit Engagement is a great opportunity to look at your health system in a horizontal sense rather than vertical by department. It is the best way to gain visibility and isights into your financial system as a whole rather than by department.

What are the benefits of a Recovery Audit Engagement?

  1. Add value to the bottom line
  2. Identify control gaps
  3. Give performance feedback
  4. Reveal data trends and opportunities for decision making
  5. Have a single source of visibility and insights for financial and procurement processes
  6. Provide visibility confirming sound processes
  7. Dig deep into dark data and transactional data not accessible or centralized
  8. Clean up before or after an ERP system change
  9. Validation of contracts and charges from vendors
  10. Ensure GPO Tier pricing accuracy

Why is a mending audit different?

A traditional approach to an audit looks 1-3 years back and doesn’t allow for as much cash recovery in hand. You can also find desparate processes from long ago that are still a problem. A Mending audit follows closely behind the current date and is able to recover more, allow you to realize process problems sooner, and your people aren’t wasting time tracking down unnecessary claims.

Who is at risk of an OIG Explant Audit?

If your hospital performs explant procedures and you have 2 or more cath labs you are at high risk. The OIG promised Congress $1 Billion in fines by then end of this year. You don’t have to contribute to those fines!

Where to start:

Start by scheduling a SpendMend Explant Mock Audit. This will allow you to learn your how much you are at risk and the efficency of your processes.

What are the benefits?

1. Lessen your risk of potential fines, fees, and jail time

2. Create an explant process with tracking

3. Your team does not have to do this extremely labor intensive project

What if I don’t have a current process?

First of all you arent alone in not having a current process or not knowing if you have one. A Medical Device Warranty Audit will help reduce your risk of fines and the Tracking service will help the process for your team.


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Our Mission Statement

At SpendMend, we strive to help hospitals better fund patient care through the delivery of innovative cost-saving solutions, improved process visibility and stronger business relationships.

What Our Clients Say

"SpendMend is a non-intrusive asset and great to work with; they build relationships with their clients and truly understand the procure-to-pay process."


Materials Manager, Midwest Healthcare System

"SpendMend's innovative process appears to leave no stone unturned and has identified and recovered significant dollars."


Controller, Southern Regional Health System

"Not only did failures in a previous audit firm’s process result in lower recovery, but also some of the ‘claimed’ recovery dollars had to be paid back to vendors due to rejections. SpendMend has worked with vendors to ensure accurate, valid, approved claims; with better results."


Accounts Payable Manager, Northern US Regional Medical Center