Healthcare Organizations

…are suffering significant financial leakage

Many organizations within the healthcare industry suffer significant financial leakage.  The problem persists because hospitals and health systems face constant organizational change while managing through highly complex environments in their pursuit to remain compliant with internal controls and external regulations. 

On average, these organizations lose $1 Million per every $1 Billion dollars in their annual AP disbursement, alone.  Additional profit loss persists due to lack of visibility, operational inefficiency, resource mismanagement.

Profit Loss

Staff & Resources

Lack of Visibilty

An Award Winning Solution

For 25 years, SpendMend has served over 2000 hospitals and healthcare organizations delivering a unique solution and fixing financial leakage in the health care industry.  By partnering with their clients and applying over two decades of industry knowledge to inspect the dark data which remains otherwise unseen and inaccessible in client systems. SpendMend reviews many sources of data beyond AP alone to drive over 3X the dollar savings of conventional firms.

The SpendMend Difference: More Recoveries & Lasting Results

Based on input from over 200 healthcare clients since 1995:

1. Companies suffer $1.1M* (per $1B in spend) in financial leakage every year due to poor visibility and procedures.

2. This money disappears off the financial record over time and becomes unavailable.

3. SpendMend out-recovers our competitors in the first year and makes the problem go away in the second year.