Overview of What You Will Learn

There are many sales tax complexities plaguing healthcare organizations especially those with for-profit activities or those operating in states that do not offer tax exempt status for all 501(c)(3) organizations. 

During our webinar, we will discuss such opportunities as:

1. Are there product exemptions offered by various states that could help decrease your sales tax expense

2. Updating tax flags on the organization’s item master to help ensure sales and use tax is captured correctly

3. Multi-purpose items where the exempt purpose may need to be validated with the vendor

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About the Speakers

Amanda Foley

Amanda is a licensed CPA and has been a tax expert for over 20 years with a deep specialization in the healthcare industry. Prior to her time at SpendMend, Amanda held senior leadership positions in the tax practice at PwC and Steelcase

Scott Hale

Scott is an experienced tax professional with over 10 years of experience in sales and use tax.  Prior to joining the SpendMend team, Scott spent more than 20 years with Walmart, which included managing sales and use tax for business segments including healthcare, manufacturing, fulfillment, Ecommerce and retail sales.