Overview of What You Will Learn

Every day, primary care providers are referring patients to outside providers – and those outside providers are issuing critical prescriptions.

Is your 340B hospital accurately and completely capturing these referrals for 340B reporting? If not, you could be losing significant dollars and/or falling out of compliance with 340B laws.

Join this free webinar to learn how top 340B hospitals and covered entities are optimizing a Referral Capture solution and driving bottom line savings without increasing their 340B Audit Risk

Constructing the right 340B Referral Capture solution will help you to identify potentially eligible referrals while capturing additional 340B savings without adding additional work or integrations.

Attendees of this webinar will gain expert insights on the following:

  • How to earn significant savings opportunities on drug purchases
  • Maintaining uninterrupted participation in 340B Program
  • Staying knowledgeable regarding ongoing HRSA Audit changes
  • Constructing an end to end report suite for all Referral Captures

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About the Speakers

Riley Protz

Riley is a Director of Optimization with the SpendMend Pharmacy team. Most recently, Riley served as the 340B Program Manager and Pharmacy Inventory Manager over a 500+ bed DSH and CAH. During his time, Riley established a centralized 340B team and oversaw the expansion of the 340B program, resulting in significant savings and increased program compliance. He has also presented at 340B Coalition regarding program strategies.

Rob Nahoopii

Rob has frontline 340B experience as a regional director of pharmacy within a 22-hospital Health-system. His responsibilities included regional oversight, and direct responsibility for a 395-bed DSH (DISH) hospital, in-house community pharmacy, and contract pharmacy arrangements. For the last 9 years, he has been providing 340B external independent audits and 340B gap analyses for 340B covered entities across the country through his role as CEO of Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, and after Turnkey’s acquisition by SpendMend, as SVP of Pharmacy Services. Rob has personally conducted over 300 independent 340B audits for covered entities and has supported over 25 HRSA 340B audits for clients. Rob has served on the Apexus DSH council and was a 340B University faculty member for over 3 years.