Your Organization is at Risk for Major Penalties and Fines

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The US Government is the largest purchaser of implantable medical devices in the U.S.; spending $35 Billion per year. Any organization that receives Medicare funds must return overpayments 60 days from discovery.

Unreturned overpayments are subject to the False Claims Act. A hospital that fails to return the credit payment is subject to a fine of $11,000 per instance plus a penalty equivalent to three times the value of each mismanaged credit.

Major hospital systems have already been forced to pay, in separate instances, $14M and $41M in penalties in fees as a result of the OIG crackdown!

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Top 4 Questions We Will Answer During This Webinar

What does CMS/OIG expect of the hospital?

Why is it so difficult to meet those expectations?

Where are the typical points of failure in a hospital?

What is the cost of non-compliance?

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