Overview of What You Will Learn

As the 340B Contract Pharmacy landscape faces ongoing challenges and shifts, it is crucial for healthcare providers to stay informed and prepared.

Join our distinguished panel of experts, Matt Parker, PharmD, MHA; Riley Protz, PharmD, MBA; and Chelsea Violette, PharmD, BCPS, as they delve into the complex world of the 340B Contract Pharmacy program. This insightful webinar will provide an in-depth exploration of the current state of ongoing litigation, evolving manufacturer policies, and operational challenges faced by healthcare providers navigating the 340B landscape.

 Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts as they guide you through the complexities of the 340B Contract Pharmacy program. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate this ever-evolving landscape with confidence.

Attendees of this webinar will gain valuable information on the following topics:

  1. Current State of Ongoing Litigation: Stay up-to-date on the latest legal developments impacting the 340B Contract Pharmacy program and understand their implications for covered entities.
  2. Evolving Manufacturer Policies: Learn about changes in manufacturer policies and their effects on the 340B program, particularly regarding contract pharmacy arrangements.
  3. Operational Challenges and Strategies: Explore the practical challenges healthcare providers face in submitting data and restoring prices, as well as strategies to overcome these obstacles.
  4. Alternative Mechanisms for 340B Access:
    Investigate other methods for providing 340B access to eligible patients when contract pharmacy arrangements are not an option.
  5. Strategies for Easing Price Restoration:
    Discover how SpendMend Pharmacy’s partners and clients are leveraging new solutions to alleviate the challenges associated with price restoration in the 340B program.

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About the Speakers

Matt Parker, PharmD, MHA

Matt has served as Vice President of Pharmacy Professional Services for SpendMend Pharmacy and carries with him over 18 years of health care experience, serving in a variety of roles in retail and health system pharmacy. Prior to joining SpendMend, Matt was the Manager of Consolidated Pharmacy Services at Prisma Health, a large integrated delivery network based in Greenville, South Carolina. At Prisma Health, Matt successfully designed and implemented a state-of-the-art Consolidated Service Center (CSC). Within the CSC Matt was responsible for Pharmacy Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing, Pharmacy Supply Chain Information Services, 503B Outsourcing Production, Centralized Unit Dose Repacking, and Business Operations. Matt was directly involved and accountable for 340B operations across the pharmacy enterprise, which included a total of eight covered entities with numerous child sites and contract pharmacies. During his tenure, Prisma Health experienced significant improvements in the financial performance of the 340B program and great advancements in program oversight and compliance.

Chelsea Violette, PharmD, 340B ACE, BCPS, BCACP

Chelsea has been with SpendMend Pharmacy for three and a half years and currently serves as Director of Pharmacy Professional Services. Chelsea brings diverse experience to the team, having previously served as Inpatient Pharmacy Manager for a 500+ bed disproportionate share hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Pharmacy Operations Manager for a Federally Qualified Health Center in Bangor, Maine. In both roles, she was responsible for operational and integrated clinical pharmacy services, while managing and growing each of their 340B programs. While in Maine, she also served as Residency Director for the Community Pharmacy PGY1 Residency Program, and Residency Coordinator for the Health Systems Pharmacy Administration and Ambulatory Care PGY2 Residency Programs. Additionally, Chelsea’s experience with the 340B program includes a rotation with the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor program during her Health Systems Pharmacy Administration Residency as well as five years as a 340B University faculty member.

Riley Protz, PharmD, MBA

Riley is a Director of Optimization with the SpendMend Pharmacy team. Prior to SpendMend, Riley served as the 340B Program Manager and Pharmacy Inventory Manager over a 500+ bed DSH and CAH. Currently, Riley oversees 340B optimization strategies for clients that include Referral Capture and ESP Support Services.