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Under even the most normal circumstances it is difficult, yet crucial, to properly manage and optimize your 340B program. In many cases the savings created by a successful 340B program is the only thing keeping your facility in business.

The latest manufacturer decisions have given rise to a wave of questions and challenges to the health and stability of pharmacy departments across the country. Join industry experts Rob Nahoopii and Jake Thompson for a discussion about the TOP 5 tips for mitigating the negative impact of manufacturers on contracts pharmacy.

Attendees of this free webinar will be given an expert overview of:

  • The latest 340B ESP Update
  • Strategies for NDC Optimization
  • An overview of Price Parity for Pharmacy
  • A deep dive into 340B-centered PBM
  • A review of In-patient Rebates


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Meet the Speakers

Rob Nahoopii PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

Rob Nahoopii PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

SVP of Pharmacy Services

Rob Nahoopii, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE, has frontline 340B experience as a regional director of pharmacy within a 22-hospital Health-system. His responsibilities included regional oversight, and direct responsibility for a 400-bed DSH hospital, in-house community pharmacy, and contract pharmacy arrangements. For the last 9 years, he has been providing 340B external independent audits and 340B gap analyses for 340B covered entities across the country through his role as CEO of Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, and after Turnkey’s acquisition by SpendMend, as SVP of Pharmacy Services. Rob has personally conducted over 300 independent 340B audits for covered entities, and has supported over 20 HRSA 340B audits for clients. Rob has served on the Apexus DSH council and was a 340B University faculty member for over 3 years.

Jacob Thompson, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

Jacob Thompson, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE

VP of Pharmacy Services

An experienced pharmacy executive with an accountable and innovative track record creating and implementing key strategies in clinical, operational, and business aspects of healthcare. As a past Regional Director responsible for six 340B covered entities, he has vast experience managing 340B programs from very large DSH hospitals (400+ beds) to Critical Access Hospitals. While successfully passing two clean HRSA audits, he tripled the 340B value resulting in greater than $100M+ of 340B savings. Jake has extensive experience in optimizing the 340B program through day-to-day administration and compliance, program optimization tactics, and strategic growth tactics. He has held numerous national 340B leadership positions and been a strong advocate for the 340B program.