Overview of What You Will Learn

Is your hospital compliant with CMS standards for explanting failed or recalled medical devices? Join our essential webinar to stay current with the latest regulatory requirements. We’ll cover key findings from the latest OIG Audit of 911 Hospitals, explain which devices have warranties, and clarify vendor reps’ roles and hospitals’ roles.
Gain insights to avoid common points of failure and understand the importance of a third-party Mock Audit. Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your hospital’s compliance strategies and avoid costly mistakes.

Meet The Speakers
• Al Brander, RN MBA FACHE HCAP, SVP of Clinical Services at SpendMend
• Dennis Beall, Medical Device Audit and Compliance Manager at SpendMend

Don’t wait! Ensure your hospital is compliant and prepared. This is a must-attend event for anyone involved in compliance, cath/EP labs, surgical services, supply chain, A/P, or revenue cycle management.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify the key regulatory standards that your hospital should base its policies and procedures on.
• Learn what the 50% Rule means and how it determines what monies are to be repaid or can be kept by the hospital.
• Understand why the explanting hospital has all legal and financial responsibility, not the implanting hospital or the manufacturer.
• Identify what types of implanted medical devices have warranties.
• Articulate the reps’ role in this process and what they should and should not help you with.
• Describe the difference between the types of credits (warranty, no-cost replacement, recall).
• Obtain manufacturer reports and ensure A/P identifies and gets financial benefit from devices you returned.

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About the Speakers

Alan Brander


Alan has over 30 years of hospital experience in clinical social work, nursing and hospital administration. Alan is a Fellow in the American College of HealthCare Executives and was a HealthCare Accreditation Certified Professional. He was the creator of TrackCore, a tissue and implant compliance tracking solution and TurnOver Tracker, an OR optimization software designed to provide real time monitoring and notification to key personnel involved in the turnover process between surgical cases.

    Dennis Beall

    Dennis has over 32 years auditing and consulting experience – The last 12 years have been in the healthcare industry. He worked 10 years with Contract Management Strategies, Inc. and developed the Warranty Tracking Program. The past 2.5 years with SpendMend, LLC working exclusively on the Warranty Tracking Program.