Overview of What You Will Learn

In today’s healthcare landscape, controlling costs and improving patient outcomes are key priorities for hospitals. To this end, Clinical integration across the healthcare supply chain has emerged as a powerful approach to achieve these goals. This more-complete approach goes beyond pricing and considers factors such as physician involvement, the voice of the frontline team, data-driven decision-making, and how to deliver seamless, cost-effective, and high-quality care.

The Advisory Board recently surveyed over 150 health system executives, and the conclusion was that those leaders said, “in no uncertain terms that their organizational success depends on greater integration, and greater integration depends on their ability to do concrete things that reduce variation, improve coordination, and improve the flow of information.”

Join us on Thursday, September 21st at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT for a 35-minute webinar (with a 15-minute Q&A to follow), led by Lisa Miller, a 20-year healthcare cost-savings expert and head of Purchased Services at SpendMend. In this webinar, Lisa will expand on her featured presentation from the 2023 IDN Fall Summit to explore Clinical Integration and how it can be leveraged to align supply chain goals with clinical and financial objectives.

This webinar will deliver tangible strategies, innovative ideas, and a deeper understanding of how to foster collaboration and efficiency within critical departments of the healthcare system. We will discuss how to optimize your healthcare supply chain, improve patient outcomes, and reduce non-labor costs through clinical integration.

Attendees of this webinar will:

  1. Learn proven strategies for aligning supply chain goals with clinical and financial objectives to optimize the total cost of care while improving patient outcomes and cost management.
  2. Explore real-world examples of successful clinical integration initiatives, gaining insights into their implementation and impact.
  3. Discover innovative technologies and data analytics that can drive informed decision-making and system-wide efficiency within the healthcare supply chain.
  4. Gain insights into optimizing the total cost of care by leveraging clinical integration and fostering effective communication among key stakeholders.
  5. Understand the role of evidence-based insights in informing supply decisions, leading to improved patient experience, population health, and reduced healthcare costs.
  6. Enhance their understanding of collaborative decision-making between supply chain professionals, physicians, nurses, and finance teams, enabling more efficient and effective resource allocation.

Please join us to learn how to optimize your healthcare supply chain, improve patient outcomes, and effectively reduce costs through clinical integration.

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About the Speakers

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller, managing director and founder of VIE Healthcare Consulting, a Spend Mend company. Since founding VIE in 1999, she and her team have achieved over $1 Billion in non-salary cost savings and margin improvements. Lisa has extensive hospital operations experience and a consistent record of achieving financial and operational performance improvements for both small and large organizations with annual operating budgets from $10 million to over $10 billion.

For more than 23 years, Lisa and her team have provided cost reduction services and have worked closely with the executive leadership. Lisa has been hands on with analyzing and negotiating agreements, improving revenue operations and providing front line insights to healthcare leaders.

Richard Dormer

Richard Dormer serves as Senior Director at VIE Healthcare, a SpendMend Company. Rich has extensive expertise and knowledge of hospital expenses across the organization especially with high costs implants in the Operating Room and Hospital Purchased Services. Rich specializes in hospital Results-Based Analytics and his ability to analyze complex data sets to uncover true costs and cost savings opportunities is unparalleled in the industry.

Rich has worked collaboratively with VIE’s clients to successfully reduce costs by over $650 million in his tenure which then allows them to reinvest back into their organizations and positively impact patient care. Prior to joining VIE, Rich spent nine years with two equity sales firms on Wall Street. He applies the same analytical approach he learned on Wall Street to his work at VIE and has become an expert in finance analytics for healthcare organizations.