Overview of What You Will Learn

Are you considering a consolidated services center (CSC) for your pharmacy department? Or maybe you already have a CSC that you’d like to optimize? Building a robust CSC will simplify and scale your pharmacy purchasing and operations while driving significant cost savings back to your bottom line.

This webinar dives into what you need to know when considering a pharmacy CSC. Learn what services you should consider, challenges to watch out for, 340B complexities, licensure, and more!

Who should attend:

  • Pharmacy Director (Director of Pharmacy)
  • Pharmacy Buyer
  • VP Pharmacy
  • Chief Pharmacy Officer
  • 340B Manager
  • VP Supply Chain
  • Director Supply Chain
  • Pharmacy Sourcing Manager
  • Pharmacy Category Manager
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer


In this webinar, you will gain the following insights:

  • Understand how building a CSC can simplify and scale pharmacy purchasing and operations while driving significant cost savings
  • Better understand all the potential benefits of implementing a PCSC.
  • Delineate people, process, and technology considerations that should be assessed when planning a PCSC.
  • Identify the local and federal agencies that must be considered when licensing and registering the health system’s PCSC.
  • Learn about the challenges to watch out for when implementing a PCSC
  • Understand the complexities of 340B regulations and how they apply to a PCSC.
  • Get insights from experts who have been integral in the planning and operations of multiple pharmacy CSC’s around the country.
  • Get the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the experts
  • Earn CE credits for attending the webinar

Watch the Webinar

About the Speakers

Angela Whitney, RPh, 340B ACE

Angela has 30 years of hospital pharmacy experience and has served in various leadership roles. Her positions have included Corporate Pharmacy Manager, Director of Pharmacy, Inpatient Operations, and Clinical Manager. In her latest health system role, she spent six years implementing and managing the operations of Intermountain Healthcare’s Pharmacy Supply Chain Center. This center provided packaging services, sterile and non-sterile compounding, and low unit-of-measure distribution to 22 hospitals and 185 clinics spanning 500 miles across two states. Under her direction, they successfully completed six DEA audits, two state audits, and a six-day audit by the FDA without findings. Her areas of expertise include compliance along with pharmacy and supply chain operations.

Curtis McEntire, MBA, CEO

Curtis McEntire has a strong background in the pharmacy supply chain, data analytics, and software development. He managed the pharmacy supply chain for a large integrated health system (over 20 hospitals and 200 clinics) for over 10 years before transitioning to a pharmacy consulting role with Aesynt and eventually Omnicell.  In 2017, he was awarded “Innovator of the Year” by ProcureCon for the development of supply chain software. In 2018, he with a team of pharmacists founded Trulla, a cloud-based pharmacy procurement software built for the pharmacy buyer. Trulla is now part of the SpendMend portfolio of solutions.

Ryan Sims, CPhT

Ryan is a pharmacy technician of 10 years. He’s worked primarily on the pharmacy consolidated services center (CSC) side of life.  He served as the team lead over pharmacy CSC logistics and oversaw a health systemwide initiative to educate, train, and prepare for DSCSA.  He has also worked as the Narcotics team lead for a CSC, managing logistic and ARCOS compliance and surviving various DEA audits.  Ryan has spent the last four years helping to develop pharmacy procurement, optimization, and compliance software.