Overview of What You Will Learn

Learn why the OIG warned that ‘critical gaps occurred when hospitals relied on Manufacturer’s reps’ in the explanted medical device warranty credit process. They audited over 1000 hospitals and found them at risk for fines and penalties. The explanting facility is 100% responsible for returns and OIG overpayment credits. Hear how Medtronic works with hospitals through Medtronic Connect and understanding the role and limitation of the reps. 

In this webinar, you will gain the following insights:

  • OIG findings in last two Audits of over 1000. Key point: Critical gaps resulted whenever hospitals relied on manufacturers reps.  
  • Explanting hospital has all legal and financial copiability in this process.
  • OIG getting $50M in January 2022 to increase # of provider audits.
  • Learn how Medtronic educates the Manufacturers Reps as they are important part of the process. Examples: Providing original implant info. Day of interrogation report. Setting up on the new device.
  • Medtronic Connect Update and how it can help.

Watch the Webinar

About the Speakers

Alan Brander


Alan has over 30 years of hospital experience in clinical social work, nursing and hospital administration. Alan is a Fellow in the American College of HealthCare Executives and was a HealthCare Accreditation Certified Professional.  He was the creator of TrackCore, a tissue and implant compliance tracking solution and TurnOver Tracker, an OR optimization software designed to provide real time monitoring and notification to key personnel involved in the turnover process between surgical cases. 

KaseyAnn Posch

KaseyAnn Posch is the Warranty Manager for Medtronic’s Post Market Quality group.  She has been with Medtronic for the past 25 years.  She has a Green Belt in Lean Sigma process improvement and is proud to help support the compliance efforts of Medtronic’s customers through direct customer support as well as utilizing her project management skills to improve functions that support customers.

Joe Heminger

Joe Heminger graduated from grand valley state university in 2020 and started at SpendMend as an intern in 2017. Joe has become a subject matter expert on Medical Device Explant Warranty Tracking and is the Business Development Representative for SpendMend’s Medical Device Credit Tracking solution.

Dennis Beall JD, RPh

Dennis has over 32 years auditing and consulting experience – The last 12 years have been in the healthcare industry.  He worked 10 years with Contract Management Strategies, Inc. and developed the Warranty Tracking Program.  The past 2.5 years with SpendMend, LLC working exclusively on the Warranty Tracking Program.