Overview of What You Will Learn

Expert Panelists:

  • René Gurdián Jr., AVP Supply Chain Finance, Ochsner Health System
  • Candice Pytlik, VP Strategic Sourcing and P2P, Henry Ford Health System
  • Judy Kogut-O’Connell, Director of Strategic Sourcing, University of California Health

Key Panel Discussion Points:

The discussion promises to be an insightful exploration of the following topics:

  1. Benefits of Recovery Audits: Explore why healthcare organizations use recovery audits to recover revenue, improve compliance, strengthen internal controls, and enhance financial health.
  2. Compliance Insights: Learn how recovery audits align with healthcare regulations and compliance best practices.
  3. The Role of Dark Data: Data that becomes difficult to access or interpret, limiting insights for decision making and strategy.
  4. Measuring Success: Understand how to gauge the financial impact of recovery audits and allocate resources effectively.
  5. Real-Life Impact: Explore practical case studies showcasing recovery audits’ impact on healthcare organizations.
  6. Challenges and Risks: Data challenges and other industry related complexities in healthcare recovery audits.
  7. Technology’s Role: Examine how technology, including AI and data analytics, streamlines recovery audits for accuracy.
  8. Future Trends: Look ahead at emerging trends, such as predictive analytics and fraud detection, in healthcare recovery auditing.

Attendees of the panel discussion will gain the following:

  • Understanding the benefits and rationale of recovery audits in healthcare.
  • Insights into challenges, risks, and compliance considerations.
  • Knowledge about leveraging technology and data for audit improvements.
  • Measuring ROI and making informed resource decisions.
  • Real-world success stories and industry trends.

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed for a wide range of professionals within the healthcare industry, including but not limited to:

  • CFOs
  • VPs of Finance
  • VPs of Procurement
  • Directors of Finance
  • Directors of Procurement
  • Controllers
  • Shared Services Directors
  • Director of Disbursements
  • AP Manager

Watch the Webinar

About the Speakers

Brad Passell

Brad Passell has spent the last 20 years working with leading healthcare organizations to find innovative solutions to lowering costs and improving the quality of care.  He began his career in healthcare in specialty pharmacy distribution then moved to field services within Group Purchasing to work with large multi-state IDN’s leveraging data and strong relationships to find creative, strategic, and sustainable cost savings solutions.  In his current role as VP of Strategic Accounts and Client Value with SpendMend, Brad continues to engage with his partners to provide insights, analytics, and solutions to improve operational efficiencies across healthcare finance, purchasing, and operations.

René Gurdián Jr.


René Gurdián is an experienced Supply Chain professional with a decade of experience. With three years in the petroleum industry and seven years in healthcare, René has gained valuable insights. At Ochsner, René has held various roles, including vendor management, Sourcing/Contracting, and currently, Supply Chain Strategy and Decision Support. René’s optimistic goal is to revolutionize the Supply Chain by automating workstreams and providing user-friendly tools to simplify complex tasks to support our heroic workforce. With the various leaders that continue to support his development, René wants to also provide similar support to future leaders within Supply Chain.

Candice M. Pytlik

Candice Pytlik is currently the Vice-President of Strategic Sourcing and Procure to Pay at Henry Ford Health. In her role Candice has responsibilities over both Clinical and Non-Clinical Sourcing, Value Analysis, Procurement, and Accounts Payable. In her time at Henry Ford Health, Candice has helped the Sourcing program deliver increased savings to the organization, set-up a Value Analysis Structure, as well as implement process improvement activities within Procure to Pay and Sourcing to increase overall value and efficiency.

Prior to joining Henry Ford, Candice worked for 15 years at Trinity Health in a variety of Leadership roles including Supply Chain Operations and Procure to Pay. Candice holds her Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and her MBA from Wayne State University. Candice has her CPIM certification from the Association for Supply Chain Management and her CPSM from the Institute for Supply Management.

Judy Kogut-O’Connell

Judy Kogut-O’Connell is currently the Director of Contract Management at the University of California Health. Judy is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of expertise in multiple fields
such as Engineering, Legal, Manufacturing and Strategic Supply Chain Operations. As a senior inventor with IBM, she was instrumental in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology. With a deep understanding of emerging trends and technologies, Judy has consistently developed groundbreaking solutions that have revolutionized the Supply Chain organizations in her previous and current position. Alongside her engineering career, Judy has also excelled as an A.B.A. paralegal, specializing in supply chain and contract management strategies implementing global contract lifecycle management applications. With over 20 years of experience in this field, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks, contract negotiation, and risk management. Her expertise in supply chain management has enabled her to streamline processes and optimize resource allocations, partnering with
Suppliers like SpendMend resulting in cost savings for the University. Beyond her professional endeavors, Judy is
actively involved in philanthropy and community initiatives, utilizing her
skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on society and raising money for
Autism and raising awareness of anti-racism both at work and in the community.