Webinar Details

Gain expert insights about your 340B Program and Best Practices. This webinar is worth 1 hour of CE credits for Pharmacists and Technicians through the University of New England.

Our speakers Page Smith Pharm D, MBA-HCA, Lead Pharmacy Auditor and Cat Eriksen, 340B ACCE, 340B Auditor are leading 340B experts and created this webinar from years of experience in both practice and auditing.


Attendees of this webinar will take away the following:
  • Review previous Road Map to HRSA Audit Readiness presentations
  • Outline HRSA data request elements that demonstrate need for a program narrative
  • Describe steps covered entities should take to develop a program narrative

Watch the Webinar Here!

Meet the Speakers

Page Smith, PharmD, MBA-HCA, 340B ACE

340B Lead Pharmacist Auditor

Page served as the 340B Program Director between 2016-2020, responsible for 340B program compliance and oversight for a multi-facility health care organization with twenty-two covered entities.  In this role he was responsible for increasing organization 340B compliance and more than tripling the annual 340B benefit the organization captured.  Prior to that he was Pharmacy Director at a 700+ bed academic medical center that participates in the 340B program as a DSH facility.  He has been a member of the 340B Health Pharmacy Services Committee and has participated in multiple 340B Health sponsored advocacy events. 

Cat Eriksen, 340B ACE

340B Auditor

Cat served as the Pharmacy Business Manager for a Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH), located in California, between 2016-2020.  In this role she was responsible for non-clinical business-related objectives for the organization’s pharmacy inpatient and outpatient operations.  This included compliance and development of the 340B Program, which contained several retail pharmacies, a system of rural health clinics, infusion services, and contract pharmacy arrangements, including specialty and referral capture.  During her tenure she was able to reduce overall WAC exposure by more than half, while doubling 340B savings.  She was also actively engaged with the California Hospital Association and Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) 340B related advocacy events.