Overview of What You Will Learn

As hospitals and healthcare systems continue to embrace technology and IT to enhance analytics, operations, cybersecurity, ACO integrations, telehealth, and more, it’s important to ensure that these investments are cost-effective. Unfortunately, many IT leaders regret technology purchases due to unfavorable terms or overpriced fees, and 40% of US healthcare providers report that their IT and technology budgets are growing.

On this webinar, we’ll share proven strategies for reducing IT costs through price benchmarking, utilization optimization, and contract renegotiation. We’ll also discuss how to take a zero-based budgeting approach to your technology costs and what IT vendors may be adding to their agreements to drive up costs.


Attendees of this webinar will gain expert insights on the following:

  • The three key strategies to drive cost savings in IT: Price benchmarking, utilization optimization & contract renegotiation
  • The three approaches to analyzing your IT Spend Through: Recognizing patterns, Reconciling and Monitoring specific utilization.
  • How one health system took out over $19 Million in their IT budget over a two and half years of taking a zero-based budgeting approach to their technology costs.
  • Learn what the IT vendors are adding to their agreements to drive up costs and what you can do to prevent their pricing increases.

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About the Speakers

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller, managing director and founder of VIE Healthcare Consulting, a Spend Mend company. Since founding VIE in 1999, she and her team have achieved over $1 Billion in non-salary cost savings and margin improvements. Lisa has extensive hospital operations experience and a consistent record of achieving financial and operational performance improvements for both small and large organizations with annual operating budgets from $10 million to over $10 billion.

For more than 23 years, Lisa and her team have provided cost reduction services and have worked closely with the executive leadership. Lisa has been hands on with analyzing and negotiating agreements, improving revenue operations and providing front line insights to healthcare leaders.

Richard Dormer

Richard Dormer serves as Senior Director at VIE Healthcare, a SpendMend Company. Rich has extensive expertise and knowledge of hospital expenses across the organization especially with high costs implants in the Operating Room and Hospital Purchased Services. Rich specializes in hospital Results-Based Analytics and his ability to analyze complex data sets to uncover true costs and cost savings opportunities is unparalleled in the industry.

Rich has worked collaboratively with VIE’s clients to successfully reduce costs by over $650 million in his tenure which then allows them to reinvest back into their organizations and positively impact patient care. Prior to joining VIE, Rich spent nine years with two equity sales firms on Wall Street. He applies the same analytical approach he learned on Wall Street to his work at VIE and has become an expert in finance analytics for healthcare organizations.

Bryan Covert

Bryan joined VIE Healthcare Consulting in 2012 and works alongside the top healthcare providers in the country carrying out high-level analytics and cost savings work.

Bryan’s strength lies in strong analytical skills which enable him to analyze and organize complicated data sets, identifying trends and true costs. He is also skilled in working with pricing models to determine strategy and reveal underlying costs. He brings high-level negotiation skills and intelligent negotiating strategies for the benefit of healthcare organizations.

Bryan graduated Cum Laude from Richard Stockton College achieving special distinction in the business program. He is also a certified NJ Tax Assessor.

Pandush Mitre 

Pandush Mitre brings a depth of business acumen and analytical expertise to VIE Healthcare®, A SpendMend Company, coupled with an ability to manipulate data to provide actionable information for its clients. He is skilled in creating efficiency in healthcare systems by reducing their reliance on manual processes.

Since joining VIE Healthcare®, A SpendMend Company in August 2016, Pandush has played an integral role in the development of its automated, patented technology, Invoice ROI™. He has helped to deliver significant cost savings to hospital purchased services through this guaranteed margin improvement expertise.

Pandush graduated with his MBA from Western Governs University and got his undergraduate degree in finance and economics from Monmouth University.