Overview of What You Will Learn

Pharmacies encounter numerous challenges that hinder their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.
In our upcoming webinar, “Top 5 Transformational Pharmacy Analytics in 2024,” we will address the pressing issues faced by pharmacies and introduce innovative analytic solutions to maximize cost savings, optimize margin, and reduce purchasing risks.

Meet Our Expert Speakers:
• Curtis McEntire, VP of Trulla Solutions at SpendMend
• JaNae Haymond, Director of Pharmacy Analytics and Intelligence at SpendMend

Webinar Moderation By:
• Matt Parker, PharmD, MHA, VP of Pharmacy Professional Services at SpendMend

Webinar Overview
Our expert speaker will cover the critical topics:
• Product Selection
• Margin Enhancement
• Price Management
• 340B Optimization
• Shortage Mitigation

This webinar is designed for pharmacy professionals seeking transformative solutions to enhance their analytics capabilities, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions in the evolving pharmaceutical landscape of 2024.
Join us to revolutionize your approach to pharmacy analytics and stay ahead of the curve.

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About the Speakers

Curtis McEntire


Curtis McEntire has a strong background in the pharmacy supply chain, data analytics, and software development. He managed the pharmacy supply chain for a large integrated health system (over 20 hospitals and 200 clinics) for over 10 years before transitioning to a pharmacy consulting role with Aesynt and eventually Omnicell. In 2017, he was awarded “Innovator of the Year” by ProcureCon for the development of supply chain software. In 2018, he with a team of pharmacists founded Trulla, a cloud-based pharmacy procurement software built for the pharmacy buyer. Trulla is now part of the SpendMend portfolio of solutions.

    JaNae Haymond

    MPA, 340B ACE

    JaNae Haymond has over 20 years of experience in healthcare with most of that supporting health systems. For almost 15 years, she has led efforts in the pharmacy space to lower drug costs, increase reimbursement, and improve operational performance across hospitals, clinics, infusion and oncology centers, and retail and specialty pharmacies. JaNae joined the SpendMend team in 2023 to bring that experience to the Trulla Analytics platform.

    Matt Parker

    PharmD, MHA, 340B ACE

    Matt holds the position of Vice President of Pharmacy Professional Services at SpendMend Pharmacy, boasting 20 years of invaluable healthcare expertise across diverse roles in both retail and health system pharmacy settings. Before joining SpendMend, he excelled as a pharmacy business leader at a prominent organization in South Carolina. There, he spearheaded the design and execution of a cutting-edge Pharmacy Consolidated Service Center (CSC), overseeing 340B operations throughout the pharmacy enterprise. Under Matt’s leadership, notable enhancements were achieved in the financial performance and compliance of the 340B program, marking significant strides in program oversight and efficacy.