Overview of What You Will Learn

Are you aware of the hidden weaknesses in your procurement-to-payment (P2P) process? These unseen gaps can produce dark data, unnoticed costs, risks, and liabilities that could detrimentally impact your organization’s financial health.

We invite you to join us for an insightful webinar featuring two industry experts: John Baker, Director of Shared Services at SpendMend, and Nash Shook, Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Client Value for the Eastern US at SpendMend.

Together, they will guide you through the challenges inherent in Vendor Management Services, delving into the causes and impacts of RNI (Received Not Invoiced) balances and unrecorded liabilities.

In this webinar, our experts will illuminate the following areas:

Unrecorded Liabilities:
Learn how to delve into your paid history, open aging reports, and vendors’ receivables to identify unpaid invoices for targeted vendors. We’ll help you uncover unrecorded liabilities that have aged past 90 days.

Received Not Invoiced (RNI):
Grasp how to carefully analyze open items on your Received and Not Invoiced (RNI) report. We’ll guide you through the process of reconciling transactions that have aged past 90 days.

Special Projects:
Discover our abilities to communicate with vendors in mass to assist with conversion to EDI or ACH along with communicating preferred invoice submission methods.

Don’t let the unknowns in your P2P process hamper your business. Register for our webinar today and gain mastery over your vendor management.

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About the Speakers

John Baker

John Baker has over 28 years of audit and shared service expertise. His specialization is in assisting clients with vendor communication and analyzing large data sets. Currently, he holds the position of Director of Shared Services at SpendMend, where he and his team manage more than 150 major US health system clients.

Nash Shook

Nash Shook is SpendMend’s Vice President of Strategic Accounts and is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 25 years of supply chain experience. Prior to his tenure at SpendMend, Nash served in a variety of field leadership roles at Premier and worked also for AdventHealth in Altamonte Springs, FL as a regional supply chain leader. His areas of specialty include supply chain benchmarking, performance improvements, project management and creating an engaging and successful business partnership between his clients and SpendMend.